About Gordon+Star Photography

Welcome to Gordon-Star Photography.

Our business philosophy is simple: treat our clients like family. Life’s happiest moments can be, ironically, the most stressful ones. Like family, we will be there for you every step of the way. It’s  important to us to establish a connection with each person we photograph because when our clients feel natural and relaxed their images will have that vibrant spark which cannot be manufactured. Your important images deserve nothing less than that!

Behind the lens 


Larry Star and Stuart Gordon

Stuart Gordon was raised in Los Angeles and educated as an advertising art director. His multi-faceted approach to photography incorporates over 25 years of technical experience with innovative artistic vision.

 Larry Star, a Brooklyn native, has been a photographer since childhood visually exploring life’s moments.  Having the opportunity to shoot for many clients, his desire grew to deliver not just a single photo, but to tell a story for the eyes.


 Kel Denke, GSP associate photographer, specializes in film and Polaroid images.  Armed with a fantastic eye for the avant-garde, a theater background and make-up/hairstyling expertise, Kel understands the nuances needed to help you look your best.